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Here's what our students say about us!

Want to know what they think about Epsilon Education? Here are the voices of our most important stakeholders, the students. Real stories, authentic experiences, and genuine reflections await you as we showcase the transformative power of education through the eyes and words of those who matter the most—our students.

Secondary Testimonials

Joyce - Yuan Ching Sec


Teacher Iggy is very engaging and ensures that the students are paying attention throughout the class. He is able to breakdown complex concepts by using interesting stories.

Zheng Feng - Nan Chiau High School

Tutors at Epsilon have always been supportive in my learning and always cater to my learning style and needs. Helped me get an A2 for A-Math.

Isaac Ko - Clementi Town Sec School

Under the guidance of the tutors at Epsilon, I was able to quickly grasp difficult concepts and huge improvement in my grades. What I love best is the fun community and the fact my tutors constantly motivate me as well!

Coen - Clementi Town Sec School

Highly recommend the tutors at Epsilon as they were patient with me and my grades have increased from C5 to A2 for chemistry.

Jason - Chua Chu Kang Sec School

At the start of secondary 4 I was merely passing pure chemistry with a C6. After joining Epsilon, Iggy helped me to understand concepts clearly and efficiently. Within two months, my chemistry result improved to a B3.

Aniruddh - Bukit Panjang Goverment High

The resources provided there are of high quality and very easy to understand. Teachers there are very patient and have unique teaching methods to cater to students of different learning abilities. Highly recommend this tuition centre.

JC / IB Testimonials

Joshua - ACJC

My grades for H2 math have increased greatly after attending classes at Epsilon Education. The notes provided are way more useful than the ones provided by my school which allowed me to solely rely on my tuition notes and worksheets rather than school lectures and tutorials. I got to experience the results first hand as I scored and A for promos which my peers found to be a hard paper. However questions that came out for promos were similar to the ones given at Epsilon.

Matthew Teh - ACJC

The questions and notes given are extremely useful as some of the questions provided by the tutor came out during my school's tests which gave me and advantage over my peers. I was constantly being challenged by difficult questions which the tutors have carefully selected. This allowed me to score an A for math at the A'Levels and I am very thankful for the tutors at Epsilon.

Rachel - ACJC

Before joining Epsilon, I had struggled greatly with my H2 Math. I decided to join Epsilon, and immediately, I began to see results. The teachers at Epsilon are very patient and understanding. They go the extra mile for students, preparing extra notes, pointers and lessons to prepare us for difficult topics and question types. Lessons have a very positive atmosphere and classes fly by. They have helped me greatly to achieve an "A" for H2 Math.

Jerrine - JPJC

I joined Epsilon for H2 math in J2 after stagnating at an E for my entire J1 despite trying all the revision packages and tutorials. The lessons are very targeted and catered to each specific student in terms of pace and ability and the teachers are always very willing to help. The concise notes and the engaging lessons have helped me achieve a B at mid years and eventually an A at A levels.

Kevin Tan - ACSI

When I first joined Epsilon, I was consistently failing my math exams in school. Epsilon has helped me structure my learning and the great teachers have helped to consolidate my learning by giving advice as to how I can study more efficiently for my Prelims and A'Levels. With their help, I managed to improve from a grade 4 to a grade 7 for IB exams in a matter of a few months.

Jeremy Ho - ACSI

I was someone who really disliked HL math as I was doing very poorly in Year 5 and got a grade 3 for my Promos. After joining Epsilon in November right after my promos, I have learnt so much as the methods used to teach are very interesting and engaging. I was able to get a grade 7 for HL math and this would have not been possible without their help.

Epsilon Education Reviews

Genuine reviews of Epsilon Education is your compass to navigate the diverse landscape of educational experiences. Here, we present unfiltered insights and authentic narratives straight from the hearts of our students, parents, and collaborators. Embark on a journey of discovery as we spotlight the real impact of education through the eyes of those who have been a part of the Epsilon Education community.

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