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Empowering Secondary Students: Epsilon Education's Premier Secondary Tuition

Epsilon Education's Secondary Tuition in Singapore, where academic excellence meets personalised guidance. As a trusted name in education, we understand the unique challenges that secondary students face. Our tailored programs in Math, English, and Science set the stage for success, providing the support needed to excel in the demanding secondary curriculum.

Our Comprehensive Secondary Tuition Programs

Maths Tuition for Secondary:

Mastering mathematics is fundamental, and our Maths Tuition for Secondary students is designed to make complex concepts understandable and approachable. Our experienced tutors guide students through the intricacies of the secondary maths curriculum, fostering a strong foundation for future academic pursuits.


English Tuition for Secondary:

Communication is key, and our English Tuition for Secondary students focuses on honing language skills, critical analysis, and effective communication. We empower students to express themselves confidently, both in writing and verbally, setting them on a path to excel in English and beyond.

Science Tuition for Secondary:

Dive into the fascinating world of Science with our specialised Science Tuition for Secondary students. Whether it's Secondary Physics tuition in Singapore or Secondary Chemistry in Singapore, our tutors provide comprehensive support, making scientific principles accessible and engaging. We nurture curiosity and a love for the sciences, preparing students for success in their academic journey.

Lower Secondary

Math and Science

Lower Secondary Fees:

1 Subject: $300 per month (4 sessions)

2 Subjects: $560 per month (8 sessions)

Duration: 2 Hours

Class size: 3-5 students

Upper Secondary

A-Math, E-Math,
Physics and Chemistry

Upper Secondary Fees:

1 Subject: $340 per month (4 sessions)

2 Subjects: $640 per month (8 sessions)

3 Subjects: $900 per month (12 sessions)

Duration: 2 Hours

Class size: 3-5 students

When you first come to us for your trial lesson, we review your most recent exam paper to analyse topics in which you are weak in and also get a sensing of your rough learning pace. This helps us to assign you to the right class to complement your learning pace and style. On top of that, we will come up with a study plan which will allow you to improve your grades in just a few weeks time.

Why Choose Epsilon Education for Secondary Tuition

Expert Tutors: Our dedicated team of experienced tutors are well-versed in the secondary curriculum, ensuring that students receive guidance from subject matter experts.

Personalized Learning: We understand that each student is unique. Our small class sizes and personalised approach enable us to cater to individual learning styles, addressing specific strengths and areas of improvement.

Holistic Approach: Beyond academic success, we focus on holistic development. Our programs instil critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and a love for learning that goes beyond the confines of the classroom.

Contact Us for a Transformative Secondary Education

Ready to embark on a journey of academic excellence? Contact Epsilon Education to enrol in our Secondary Tuition programs. Whether you're seeking Maths Tuition, English Tuition, or specialised Science Tuition, we're here to support your secondary education in Singapore.

Contact us to learn more about our programs and discover how Epsilon Education is shaping the future of secondary education.


Elevate your learning experience with Epsilon Education – Where Every Student Counts!

Do sign up for our FREE trial to receive the following:

Full lesson materials from our main classes
1 to 1 session with our tutor to understand student's weakness and strengths
1 to 1 session with our tutor to review your recent exam paper
Tips and advice as to how you can instantly improve your grades
Personalised and effective study methods which has worked for hundreds of our students
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